All crimes against property or business start at the perimeter, so protecting the boundaries of premises is one of the most logical and efficient security strategies.

Perimeter protection provides two avenues of protection. Firstly, it can alert you to a breach of the perimeter, giving you time to respond and possibly prevent further damage or theft. Secondly, you also gain the ability to alert the perpetrators that their presence is known, and their crimes are likely being recorded. Most criminals would rather escape the scene than give away their identities or be caught in the act.

Harrison’s Fire and Security can protect external yards, car parks, and hard standing stock sites. We also make “Fence Guard” and “Guardwire” available which can be configured to trigger a CCTV system to record a crime in progress. A local guard can also be alerted to the perimeter breach, who can then take appropriate action to re-secure the premises.

We provide full maintenance cover for all perimeter protection services, and we are happy to include this service for any other systems which may have been installed by a third party, providing it meets required security standards.

Securing your perimeter is an essential first defence against theft and damage. Harrison’s Fire and Security use only the latest high-quality equipment to give you peace of mind that your valuable assets are well protected always.

Harrisons Fire & Security Perimeter-Protection
Harrisons Fire & Security Perimeter-Protection

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