Harrison’s Fire and Security offer a wide range of security systems and services, all of which can be integrated and customised to give you full control over your security arrangements and provide complete protection from a single site.

Meeting security threats head-on is the only way of keeping your business, assets, employees, and intellectual property secure from theft and damage. An ongoing challenge for all companies is to continue improving the efficiency of operations while managing threats and challenges to security.

Improving security will enhance your ability to maximise the potential return from your assets, increase productivity, and keep your employees safe. Our integrated systems use a multi-layered approach to customising a  single cohesive security solution. As an example, a security system using a multi-pronged approach to security might use:

  • Key holding service providing access control
  • An intrusion alarm system
  • A uniformed guard service
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Access gates and barriers
Combining all the above services into a single cohesive security service provides many benefits including:
  • Improving the efficiency of a business
  • Centralisation allows more efficient reporting from one department, rather than several separate departments
  • Preventing theft from both outside jobs and inside jobs
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring
Provide multiple avenues to avert crime and open more avenues for in-depth analysis should a crime occur.
Harrisons Fire & Security Integrated System
Harrisons Fire & Security Integrated System

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A comprehensive, integrated solution from Harrison’s Fire and Security is a holistic approach to security that will bring you total protection and peace of mind. We also provide the following benefits using an integrated approach:

  • Rapid real-time response from highly trained personnel
  • Intelligent allocation of resources and smarter planning
  • Flexible systems that are adaptable to future needs
  • Overall reduced risk
  • An advanced ability to align with changing industry regulations, policies, and procedures
  • A lower cost of operations

At Harrison’s Fire and Safety, we know that security measures grow and evolve as new systems and gear are developed, and improved technologies come online. Whatever your needs are, Harrison’s Fire and Security can meet them with customisable solutions that will fit your security needs today and well into the future. Our flexible integrated solutions systems utilise an open architecture that can be designed to align with your security strategy.

From design, installation, and engineering, to servicing and maintenance, you can be sure Harrison’s Fire and Security will keep your operation secure. To ensure your business can maximise the return on your investments we offer the following advantages:

  • Maximising staff productivity through a single interface to control systems
  • Improved risk management through strategic planning by highly experienced security personnel
  • Enhanced security using state-of-the-art surveillance systems

Our integrated solutions cover the full range of security requirements. CCTVs can transmit images to our alarm receiving centre, at which time our specialist department will divert resources to deal with the threat in an appropriate manner.

We have a full range of products to compliment your business and its operational needs, whether that be perimeter protection, fire detection systems, or covert surveillance.  Call today to arrange for a comprehensive quote from one of our friendly and professional staff members.


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