As gates and barrier technology improves, they have become an increasingly popular option in both domestic and commercial situations.

Security gates and barriers designed and installed by Harrison’s Fire and Security cover all types including swinging and sliding gates, barrier arms for car park controls, ramps, and turnstiles. All security systems are adequately maintained and serviced by Harrison’s highly qualified personnel to ensure your security measures remain fully compliant with all security standards and regulations.

The Benefits of Using Gates and Barriers

While CCTV cameras add a layer of protection which provides a watchful eye over your property 24/7 they cannot prevent unwanted visitors accessing your site during business hours. Businesses which require secure access to their premises will benefit from installing gates and barriers, as they will be able to monitor who comes in accurately and will be able to prevent unauthorised visitors or personnel from entering a secure area.

Security fences, gates, and barriers will complement the security camera system because they can physically slow down a criminal’s efforts to intrude and provide more time for security personnel or law enforcement to intervene. Barriers and gates offer one more obstacle for criminals to gain access, and as such, they are an excellent deterrent, and can also prevent vehicles from gaining easy access to the property.

Harrisons Fire & Security Electronic Gates-&-Barriers
Harrisons Fire & Security Electric Barriers Services

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Gate and Barrier Types

Harrisons Fire & Security -Electric Gate System

Harrison’s Fire and Security can install a variety of gates and barriers styles to enhance the security of your premises. Examples of our products include:

  • Sliding gates
  • Pedestrian gates and turnstiles
  • Barriers
  • Rising bollards
  • Door automation
  • Security portals
  • Bi-folding speed gates
  • Electric Fencing

Gate Control Systems

We provide several options for controlling your installed gates and barriers. Remote transmitters are a convenient option when integrated with a CCTV system. Keypads allow entry of only authorised personnel, and time operated locks ensure that access is only granted during specific business hours.

Swing gate openers have the option of electro-mechanical or hydraulic, with the size of the gate and the frequency of use determining what will be the most appropriate system.

Sliding gate operators are most appropriate in industrial situations where space may be limited, or the driveway is on a slight slope.

Gate automation accessories can add a level of convenience and cost-cutting measures which can help to enhance security with intercom systems and access control, while also decreasing the amount of human resources necessary to operate them.


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