Allowing authorised access to your premises can be achieved in dozens of ways. With so many options Harrisons Fire and Security can create a system suitable for your organisation whatever your security budget.

Access control systems provide the means for a business to control how and when people or vehicles can enter a premise. The right control system makes it easier to monitor the entire business and office environment and maintain safety and security for all personnel and visitors.

Access control systems can be as simple as a one door entry point, or complex computer-based multi-access point systems, where each entry is logged, and individuals can be added or deleted from the system as needed. Harrison’s Fire and Security can help you implement any control system to align with your security requirements including:

  • Card readers
  • 24/7 monitoring systems
  • Biometric scanners
  • Video surveillance

Access control systems provide an advanced level of security for companies and can be customised to suit any security arrangement.

High-end access points can restrict access to only authorised individuals but can also be configured with an extra layer of security to prevent or allow entry at certain times of the day.

Harrisons Fire & Security Access-Systems
Harrisons Fire & Security Access Control System

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Levels of Security for Access Control Systems

Harrisons Fire & Security - Access Control Systems

The types of access control systems will vary depending on your budget and the size of your organisation. Access control systems have varying levels of security with the following options being the lowest to highest:

  • Password – least secure as passwords can be forgotten, stolen, or hacked
  • Keycard – A little more secure than passwords but can also be lost or stolen
  • Biometric fingerprint or iris scanners – most secure and cannot be lost, stolen or forgotten

Key cards and access codes are an excellent solution for many businesses, but as stated above they have their weaknesses. For organisations requiring higher levels of access prevention than what key cards and passwords can provide, a biometric scanner (fingerprint or iris) may be the ideal solution, as fingerprints and iris patterns are difficult to crack and cannot be lost or stolen.

Harrison’s Fire and Security have years of experience installing all types of access control systems. Whether you have a small office or a large organisation, we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Reporting Features

For large organisations, access logs are an essential security measure which can keep track of the comings and goings of authorised personnel. If something happens, or a crime is committed, it is easy to see who was in a specific location at the time of the event. It also makes it easy to determine when and where unauthorised personnel attempt to enter an area in which they are not supposed to.

Reporting capabilities can be stored on local servers, or in the cloud, with the ability to generate reports on the fly, or sent out on a regular basis via email or using a smartphone application.

All your entry points can be monitored out of our 24-hour control room, which also can allow entry to authorised staff only after one of our highly trained staff has confirmed their identity.

Harrison’s Fire and Security have the expertise to create secure access for your business, from the design phase to installation. We also have plans available which can provide full maintenance on an ongoing basis to ensure your system is always fully operational.



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