Harrisons Fire and Security, one of the leading independent security providers in the Home Counties of England.

Our strengths lie in our ability to tailor and customise security packages for both residential and business to suit any budget, and at any level of complexity or sophistication. We can create fire and security strategies for new companies as well as maintain and remodel existing systems.

We are a service-based company with a focus on keeping your business secure from both fire and theft using custom engineering and design for fire alarm systems, intercoms, surveillance systems, intrusion detection, perimeter protection, access control, and more. We understand systems from their operation, all the way through to circuit design level.

We take great pride in designing and installing the latest high-quality access control and remote monitoring systems, and only the best in security solutions.

Our highly trained technicians and security guards are the best people for keeping your site secure and have the expertise to handle whatever your business needs.  Our core goals include:

  • Keeping people and employees safe in a secure environment.
  • Building and maintaining systems which don’t just meet regulations but exceed them.
  • Exemplary customer service
  • Provide highly customised fire and security packages according to your requirements that are state of the art.
Harrisons Fire & Security Integrated-System
Integrated Security System

Harrison’s Fire and Security have been serving the community for over ten years, and many of our staff have decades of experience from a diverse range of fields in the security industry. With their highly developed instincts they can deal efficiently with any threat to your business, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your valuable assets are in the best of care.

Our level of expertise allows us to transform every client’s needs into a comprehensive security system that will also fit within any budgetary constraints. Our qualified surveyors and installation teams use only the latest equipment, and all provide an excellent level of service you deserve, and our highly trained engineers ensure that all systems meet all regulation and code requirements.

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